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Ethernet Jack / Modular Jack / RJ45 connectors / Magnectic Jack

Manufacturer: UDE Corp                      

With high-quality Magnetic Jack , Ceviconn can offer the parts you need for Ethernet Product.

Ceviconn Magnetic Jack  Product Features

    Magnetic Jack available for 100 Base-T, 1000 Base-T( Gigabit), 2.5G Base-T, 5G Base-T, 10G Base-T Speeds.

Package Options Available for

             a)    Single Port : 1x1 ---Tab and Tab Down Type

             b)    Multiple Ports : 1x2 ( Dual Ports, both Tab up & Tab Down Type), 2x1( Stack Ports), 1x4 ( 4 Ports), 2x2 ( 

                                 2 Stacked Ports), 2x4( 4 Stacked Ports), 2*6( Triple Stacked Ports), 2x8 port ( 4 Stacked Ports).

             c)    RJ45 Connector + USB --- 1 USB and 2 USB

             d)    Low Profile Magnetic Jack

             e)    Thin type Magnetic Jack

             f)      SMT type Magnetics Jack

             g)    Vertical type Magnetic Jack

             h)    THT, Press fit, IR Reflow Options

             i)      Industrial Temperature (Extended Temperature -40°C to +85°C)

             j)      POE, POE + (= POE Plus), POE ++( = POE Plus Plus)

            k)    Surge , TVSS Production

            l)      UL File Listing Options

**Cross Reference :
Equivalent Part Number
Type Dimension
Cross Reference Part Number  
RTA-3D4A1D1F Single port 16.70*25.43*13.50 RJMG163218101NR Amphenol
RT5-ZZ-0045 Single port 16.55*32.50*13.61 0826-1G1T-23-F Belfuse
RT5-ZZ-0014 Single port 16.55*32.50*13.61 0826-1K1T-43  Belfuse
26-ZZ-0004 Single port 15.55*21.50*13.80 L829-1J1T-43 Belfuse
S11-ZZ-0077 Single port 15.75*21.38*13.35 J0011D01BNL Pulse Eng.
RB1-1D5F8K1D Single port 15.75*21.38*13.35 J00-0045NL Pulse Eng.
RB1-105B8G6A Single port 15.75*21.38*13.35 JKM-0003NL Pulse Eng.
25-01013TDT3-3 Single port 16.10*25.40*13.61 J3011G21DNL  Pulse Eng.
RSG-BV009P5F 2 Port 34.60*25.9911.25 JGL-0034NL  Pulse Eng.
RB4-Q13LT8KQ 4 Ports 58.50*13.35*21.64 J8064D648ANL Pulse Eng.
RT5-3T70TKBQ Single port 16.55*32.50*13.61 JK0-0136NL   Pulse Eng.
RT7-1C3A8U8G  Single port 15.55*21.50*13.80 1-1605710-1  Tyco
MB14188RUB3-1 2*2 ports 31.14*25.78*28.14 1840695-4-2 Tyco
MB141249V23-1 2*2 ports 31.14*25.78*28.14 1840697-4-2 Tyco
2D-ZZ-0003 2 port 31.24*21.59*14.8 1-1840560-5  Tyco
RTF-ZZ-0003 Single port 16.00*25.43*13.40 480250002 Molex
RB1-946BAK1A Single port 15.75*21.38*13.35 7499110122 Wurth
RT5-1070KC2P Single port 16.55*32.50*13.61 7499111000A Wurth
RB1-245AAD1F Single port 15.75*21.38*13.35 7499011121A       Wurth
RT5-3670KC1Q Single port 16.55*32.50*13.61 7499111614A Wurth
2D-ZZ-0003 Single port 31.24*21.59*14.8 7499111446 Wurth
RB1-ZZ-0214 Single port 15.75*21.38*13.35 7499011121A       Wurth
S11-ZZ-0074 Single port 15.75*21.38*13.35 74991110001A Wurth
RB1-215BAM1A Single port 15.75*21.38*13.35 MIC38013-0155T-LF3  Midcom
RB1-105BAK1A Single port 15.75*21.38*13.35 P65-P0Z-1AK9 SpeedTech
RTA-365ATR1A Single port 16.70*25.43*13.50 P36@P03-1TS9 SpeedTech
RT7-ZZ-0027 Single port 15.55*21.50*13.80 P26-P01-18K7 SpeedTech
RB1-1D6B8K1A Single port 15.75*21.38*13.35 LU1S041F-43 Bothhand
RB1-106BAM1A Single port 15.75*21.38*13.35 KLA1S109LF Bothhand
RB1-1D6B8K1A Single port 15.75*21.38*13.35 LU1S041F-43 Bothhand
RB1-106BAM1A Single port 15.75*21.38*13.35 KLA1S109LF Bothhand
RB1-2S5T9W14 Single port 15.75*21.38*13.35 6605444-6 TRP
RT9-ZZ-0009 Single port 15.75*21.50*31.80  6605814-6 TRP
RT7-ZZ-0019 Single port 15.55*21.50*13.80 LPJ16183A107NL Link PP
S11-ZZ-0060 Single port 15.75*21.38*13.35 LPJ4013EDNL Link PP
RB1-ZZ-0112 Single port 15.75*21.38*13.35 HR871136CS_rev01 HanRan
RT7-ZZ-0050 Single port 15.55*21.50*13.80 RB1-125BAG1A but Tab up  
RT7-ZZ-0002 Single port 15.55*21.50*13.80 RB1-125BHQ1A but Tab up, POE  
RT12-ZZ-0044 Single port 15.65*16.25*13.51 HY5JA881110111 Hong Yu