Ethernet Jack / Modular Jack / RJ45 connectors / Magnectic Jack

Manufacturer: UDE Corp

With high-quality Magnetic Jack , Ceviconn can offer the parts you need for Ethernet Product.

Ceviconn Magnetic Jack Product Features

Magnetic Jack available for 100 Base-T, 1000 Base-T( Gigabit), 2.5G Base-T, 5G Base-T, 10G Base-T Speeds.

Package Options Available for

a) Single Port : 1x1 ---Tab and Tab Down Type

b) Multiple Ports : 1x2 ( Dual Ports, both Tab up & Tab Down Type), 2x1( Stack Ports), 1x4 ( 4 Ports), 2x2 (

2 Stacked Ports), 2x4( 4 Stacked Ports), 2*6( Triple Stacked Ports), 2x8 port ( 4 Stacked Ports).

c) RJ45 Connector + USB --- 1 USB and 2 USB

d) Low Profile Magnetic Jack

e) Thin type Magnetic Jack

f) SMT type Magnetics Jack

g) Vertical type Magnetic Jack

h) THT, Press fit, IR Reflow Options

i) Industrial Temperature (Extended Temperature -40°C to +85°C)

j) POE, POE + (= POE Plus), POE ++( = POE Plus Plus)

k) Surge , TVSS Production

l) UL File Listing Options

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